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Leather writing cases

kožená spisovkaBesides leather briefcases, leather handbags, leather wallets, and decorative leather cases, we also make leather writing cases. These will be appreciated by everyone demanding a writing case of quality material made by highly skilled craftsmen. 

High quality and long durability guarantee

The aim of our company is to produce leather goods of extraordinary quality. All our workshop staff have been working in the leather industry for over 15 years on average, which is reflected in the quality of our final products. 

Wide range of writing cases

Just like any other of our products, leather writing cases are made to order. We mostly produce:

  • leather writing cases
  • leather portfolios
  • representative writing cases
  • practical writing cases
  • leather cases with spiral binding

Colour of your choice and company logo

Writing cases can be made in any colour while the material used is always genuine leather. Your new writing cases can also have your company's logo imprinted on them, which would make them a nice present for your employees or business partners.